Altruistic Division

The Altruistic Division is the soul of our organization. Its focus is on charity and goodwill. They organize donations both to the org and then turn it around and give to those in need. This area is made up of medics to help in war torn areas or areas contaminated by outbreaks. Farms serve a purpose with the generation of food that be used to help areas in drought or famine. Transporters who can receive donations and then deliver resources to areas in need. Search and Rescue would also play a role in helping those stranded in the darkness of space.


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Diplomacy Division

This area is the secondary focus of the organization. It is made up of diplomats, clerks, scribes, and delegates. These members help keep open communication between different orgs and with us. They help promote trade deals, trade routes, partnerships, and protect the peace between orgs and reduce any tensions or hostilities that may arise. Diplomats and their teams are often assigned to several other organizations and travel between those orgs in order to ensure good relations and receive up to date information and relay trade.



Aerozenith Division

Aerozenith is the VIP transport division of the Unified Armistice Association. Transporting the rich and famous across the stars to the most luxurious of locales. With their primary focus being the belt between Sol and Terra. The rich and famous choose Aerozenith first because they know they are not only getting the premier travel experience, but because they know the profits from their adventures go to help the trillions of citizens in need across the stars. Aerozenith is the sole financial backing of the whole Unified Armistice Association. While other divisions may help bring in some occasional income, it is Aerozenith we relay on most heavily. Aerozenith pays our members, it supplies resources for those in need, refueling for those trapped in space, and supplies search and resue along with combat medics and doctors for the frontlines of the Vanduul attacks.



Arbitration Division

While diplomacy and humanitarian aid are our objectives, sometimes you need security to keep your members safe. The Arbitration Division is made up of fighter pilots, ship crew, and soldiers. Their job is to oversee security for the Diplomatic Division and the Altruistic Division. In the words of the former Lord Arbitrator Atticus Servos, “Peace is a great thing to aim for. I believe in it and I fight for it. However, sometimes words will not talk down a pirate, but a barrage of bullets will put them down.”