Since 2934, we have led the effort to uphold citizen's interests publicly, commercially, and privately within UEE space and beyond. We have been at the forefront of nearly every major conflict in an effort to provide aid and rebuilding effort.


Our History

The UAA was founded in 2934. When large territory and trade disputes broke out between several organizations in several of the outer solar systems about 8 months prior.


What started as small banter between a few groups soon grew. Several other companies were pulled into the fray. In only a few short months, embargoes set up by several organizations were making it difficult for needed supplies to reach their locations. It was not long before one organization retaliated, stepping beyond acceptable trade embargoes and corporate espionage. The once popular and well established Trade organization, known as UTCD, contaminated millions of acres of food production belonging to several of their competitors. The results were tragic.

Those who consumed it became deathly ill. When the contamination was realized, the remaining supplies were destroyed and thousands died from starvation. Millions of addition acres of crops were also destroyed as the contamination spread. Soon there was nothing to transport. Traders now out of jobs were forced to dabble in piracy in order to survive and have an income for their families. This was seen as an opportunity by several other less moral organizations to strike back at those they blamed. Soon shady deals were made turning traders into full on pirates as they launched attacks against other organizations they thought were responsible. Destroying more cargo and much needed supplies. Yet again raising prices of common goods beyond the reach of many common citizens.


Out cries from many of the systems were heard due to the loss of lives, starvation, outrages prices, and collapse of basic society, The UAA was founded by several of the organizations, the local populations, and local representatives of the UEE. With backing from the UEE military many of the orgs were talked down. Several organization leaders were captured and convicted for their atrocious crimes and sentenced to life in prison or death. With many of the leaders gone many of the organizations crumbled.

The UAA is now a popular and growing organization that has maintained peace and provides humanitarian aid. They further defend against companies who break or threaten the trade agreements and routes with in their growing boundaries.

We are the words that pacify the conflict;
The beacon of light in the cold darkness of space.
We build the bridges that bind the stars and each other;
We are the men and women of the Unified Armistice Association.
— Brewen Shaw, Current Leader of the UAA

What We've Achieved

  • A growing member community with over 250 members.
  • Vast fleet with over 750 ships, led by capital vessels.
  • Growing list of partners and allies. Allows opportunities for members to try new fields
  • Come as you are approach. Whether you're an occasional, moderate, or hardcore player we have a place for you.
  • Over 2500$ in gifts, prizes, and donations given out to our members