VIP Pilot

This position is responsible for piloting our VIP guests throughout the verse. They will pilot any combination of the following: 890 Jump, Genesis, Phoenix, 600i, or 85x.

Interested? Contact Tessina / Brewen Shaw

Stream Team

This position is responsible for partaking in Twitch events for the org and must be able to put in a few hours of time each week to streaming. We have our own UAA Stream channel that you along with others will help host.

Interested? Contact Brewen Shaw


Members willing to talk to partnering organizations, deal with internal problems, and willing to take on recruitment.

Interested? Contact TymesFate / Brewen Shaw

Writer / Graphic Designer

Writing articles and or designing advertisements for the Daily Diplomat newsletter. This will require 1-2 short stories a month usually less than 300 words or 1 or 2 advertisements for various product, services, or organizations.

Interested? Contact Brewen Shaw