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Medical Dispatch

Dear members of UNARAS an emergency transmission has been sent to us. We need immediate response to put a team together and recover and assist multiple downed casualties. Please respond as soon as possible so we can get this operation underway.

5 pilots
   - 2 medical
   - 3 escort
3 medics
4 ground security

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To: Members of Unified Armistice Association

Hello. Earlier today, DMC has received word that a common narcotic smuggling ring had a base of operations on Yela. During an attempted seizure of property, shots were fired. Shortly after, communications were lost with the ground team. All of our other local units are currently engaged in other operations, and due to your focus on medical expertise, we are contacting you in hopes of rescuing our comrades.

We do have a connection to their suits biometric monitoring system, and have confirmed that 4 out of 5 of the operatives that we have dispatched are still alive, although the majority of them are in critical condition. We request an immediate medevac in a ship suitable to house 4 critically injured patients. We will dispatch a crew to recover the body of the deceased at a later moment.

Please notify us of your decision, thank you.

-Admiral Flint


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